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Pathwalker Product Details
Paperback: 266 pages
Publisher: Ellie Hadsall
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0615974712
ISBN-10: 0615974716
BISAC Category: Body, Mind &Spirit / Reincarnation
Author Description:  A fantasy-adventure with spiritual undertones designed to prompt inspiration and reflection.
Key Words: Reincarnation, spiritual living, spiritual path, past lives, meditation, agnihotra
# Pages: 266
Product Dimension: 6x9 inches

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What if the world you live in suddenly disappeared, replaced by an entirely new reality; one you don't recognize? How will you survive? When unfamiliar and threatening circumstances overpower you, how will you respond?

Eleni is confident she is a soul having a human experience, just like everyone else she knows - until the foundation of her existence is pulled out from under her. Suddenly arriving in an unknown existence, she must make life and death decisions with no clear guidance. In despiration, the only aspect of life she can count on is her connection with something beyond herself - the "Source". Forced to trust scraps of spiritual guidance she remembers, she battles to survive. Her struggles and insights reveal an unexpected inner strength. What Eleni learns will lead the readers on their own inner quest for life's courage, fulfillment, joy, and purpose.

Readers are saying:

" ... This story of a community based on deep respect, for the earth, for nature, and for each other, gives me hope in these times of corruption, chaos and extreme unrest. Are we reaching a tipping point? Are we ready to let go of the love of power and embrace the power of love? Thank you Ellie, for writing the book I needed to read, at the right time! Highly recommended reading for those of us determined not to slip into despair."

"Pathwalker is an inspiring and imaginative adventure through different worlds and times through the eyes of Eleni. Through her travels, she faces unknown worlds and must overcome great challenges to help others. It's filled with colorful characters, human and non-human, that capture your heart. I'm looking forward to reading it again, as well as the next book that comes out in the series!"

"This is a fun and beautiful book! I enjoy reading books that are spiritual in nature. I love soul travel and the idea of inter-dimensional experience. Pathwalker is rich in insight, connection and examples of what one is capable of when higher awareness and intuition are engaged. Ellie has a beautiful way of writing that brings the story alive in my mind, creating beautiful imagery, without extraneous detail or being too wordy. I felt emotionally connected to the characters and wanted to be a part of their world. I look forward to the next book in the series!"

Excerpts from  PATHWALKER:

... Beyond stood a forest of tall trees that hid whatever lay on the far side, and birdsong filled the air. At any other time their melodies would have filled her with joy. But this morning there was no room in Eleni's mind for frivolity; it was already packed with faceless apprehension ...

… Rain hit suddenly and hard, forcing her under the nearest tree that offered only minimal shelter. She pulled off the cloak, tucked the fire kit next to her chest, replaced the cloak and draped its hood over her head. Crouching, she made herself as small as possible. She would have to wait out the storm. Tired and hungry, cold seeped into her bones and her teeth began to chatter uncontrollably. "You are not your body. You inhabit this body. You can observe its sensations, knowing you are not those sensations"  …

She crept down the slope onto the plain below. Far above her shone two closely joined bright stars. She thought of her life with Rehn and the love that had carried them through years of turmoil and opportunity. The Two Lovers constellation. In the nights to come she would gaze upon this to remember a life that grew increasingly distant and hazy

… Exhausted warriors returned from a foray, and drunk from repeated cups of pujooka, they argued and fought over who had been bravest. Then one by one, they passed out by the fire. Thyri and Freeze crept around them, gathering selected knives and short spears from among the carelessly discarded equipment, piling them in a heap for Najik to begin carrying back to their cave. They considered taking shields but decided that would raise too many questions. A few missing weapons lost in a drunken brawl could be blamed away. Losing a shield was likely to raise alarm …

Pulling her daughter near, she lovingly washed the blood off her small face and thin hands. She held her close, feeling the warmth of this gift the gods had granted her. Then gently she pushed the child’s unruly hair back from her eyes and whispered in her ear. The child scurried into the hut and crouched there, watching warily from the shaded doorway. Kinsy sat back, to wait ...

Struggling was getting her nowhere. The harder she tried to loosen her wrists, the deeper the rope cut into her flesh. She forced herself to quiet.Think! She needed to think. Her mind was her weapon. Weapon! She remembered the knife tied inside the waist of her pants. She could be calm and wait. Just like stalking a wild animal. Stay calm and choose the right moment to lunge. She had a secret. Hadn’t she always known a secret gave her the advantage?

She opened her mouth and a soft melody floated out into the air. When it ceased to flow, as if it were finished with its task, she lay down in her grassy nook and began listing the day’s gifts. Fair weather. Fresh food. Water. Clear guidance. A healthy body to take her where she needed to go. Celestial language. She softly chanted these gifts to Source, repeating them and weaving them into a tapestry of gratitude which she wove around her body until she felt the frequency of vibration rising around her. Finished, she hummed softly … projecting her heart’s love outward and releasing it to Source … She was now set for the night and could sleep peacefully. Source would alert her of any danger

From the Author:

"PATHWALKER is a fantasy-adventure of cosmic scope that includes wisdom and guidance from diverse traditions, including Vedic, Tao, Christian, Buddhist, Native American, Sufi, and introducing wisdom from new, diverse cultures. Intonations, chanting, and agnihotra fire ceremony are woven into the narrative, demonstrating a practical application of these teachings into daily life.

In the works...
Gaulia's Promise

Book 2 of Cave Time Chronicles

Seeking her next lifetime, Eleni enters a new and demanding life filled with enticements and mystery. Embedded within each new discovery awaits an even deeper level of secrets...

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Pathwalker book, spiritual fantasy adventure, ellie hadsall



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