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Gaulia's Promise

Once more facing the unknown with a mixture of trepidation and hope, Eleni reaches within for lessons learned in Pathwalker, the first book of this series. Will compassion, love, desperate courage, and her trust in Source come through for her again, or will she waiver in the face of insurmountable odds?

After recently recording audio lessons on Mindful Meditation for the visually impaired, I've learned there is a large audience out there depending on free audio and video resources for guidance and inspiration. I am therefore committed to working on these as I simultaneously work on Gaulia's Promise. Stay tuned!

Future Works

Cave Time Chronicles, Book 2

Audios & Videos

Eleni transports to yet another unknown, overwhelming existence filled with enticements and mystery. Embedded within each discovery lurks an even deeper level of secrets.

Quantum travel to a parallel lifetime, a serene country refuge, a fleeing gypsy caravan, cataclysmic war, healing herbs, wisdom trees, life-threatening global disintegration, and a loyal wolf bring a new level of intensity as Eleni discovers Gaulia's Promise.