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Vedic fire ceremony, agnihotra, yagnya, homa, ellie hadsall
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Vedic fire ceremony, yagnya, homa, agnihotra, ellie hadsall
agnihotra, Vedic fire ceremony, yagnya, homa, havan, ellie hadsall
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About Ellie & FAQs


Ellie Hadsall is an author, intuitive, meditation leader, personal and spiritual mentor. A daily meditator and leader of meditations for over 35 years, she is ordained in the Kriya spiritual tradition. Introduced to healing Vedic fire ceremony in 1996, she wove it into her life, and as a fire practitioner she has taught hundreds of students, many of whom now practice it across the globe.

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As minister of a New Thought church and director of a spiritual center in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for nine years, Ellie taught from the New Testament, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Tao te Ching, Dhammapada, and similar spiritual texts. Seminars presented included Creating a Life Map, Simplify Your Life, Finding the Flow, Mind Your Own Spiritual Business, and Practical Spiritual Living. Meditation has been a center point of her life, which she has taught to individuals and groups since 1990.

In September of 2013, on a cross country motorcycle trip with her husband, she unexpectedly began receiving a series of stories flowing through her mind and she realized she was receiving a download of books to write. “It was as if I were watching an adventure movie as we rode along - not with my eyes, but with my mind. When the first book completed, the second one began. Over our Labor Day weekend trip, I received a total of three books, along with the suggestion of more books that would come later.” 

Returning home, she made notes of what she had received, and began to fill in details of the first book, PATHWALKER. “As I wrote, I became each character, looking out through her or his eyes. I experienced what was seen and done, and words just flowed through. Unforeseen story events unfolded and new characters would walk into scenes. As I wrote these down, I would wonder - why that? As I continued to write, such details proved vital to a later scene. Twists and turns showed up that totally surprised me. I never could have imagined the characters, circumstances, or details in my own mind.” Descriptions, dialogue, and spiritual references in the books come from Ellie’s personal life study, or from countless hours of research. Having completed the first edition of PATHWALKER, she is now deeply immersed in writing the second book of the saga. "The heroine lives a drastically different lifetime in the next book. Her journey never ceases to amaze me. As she learns, I learn!"

Over the years, Ellie’s life experiences have indicated that who we are today is an accumulation of beliefs, fears, strengths, and insights gained from having lived multiple lives in widely varying circumstances. This series, entitled “CAVE TIME CHRONICLES”, is indicative of one soul’s multiple lives, with a fresh slant - moving from one life to another with full awareness. “More books await on the edges of my mind. I can sense them, but have requested that the flow be held in check for now. It’s taking much longer to edit and publish than I originally planned. Because I become the characters as I write, I need to walk only one journey at a time!”

In addition to spiritual adventure, Ellie writes guidebooks for living a fulfilled life. By sharing practical steps, along with real-life stories of application, she hopes to help others avoid the confusion of needing to sort it out themselves from a plethora of teachings and advisors. “I write the books I would have loved when I was investigating these life choices.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't your book messages simplistic and unachievable?

Some readers will think so. I expect this. If it concerned me I wouldn’t publish them. Plus my guidance was clear: I am to write what comes through me and make this available to everyone. Some of the book's concepts, such as the power of compassion, gratitude, harmlessness, empowerment, love, and creating a field that protects someone, have been proven repetitively through the ages and in multiple cultures. Others were downloaded to me with the book, and I have since learned they are being revealed to others across the globe. It may take a few years, but you will see some of these concepts come out into mainstream use. One of these is the transformative power of sound which can be focused for a specific purpose.

I’ve always trod out of the mainstream, but early-on figured out that if I maintain a normalcy of lifestyle to the public, I can investigate and experiment with well-intended new concepts without stirring up unwanted trouble. Why create unnecessary resistance from others who have a right to their own way of thinking? For example, I can meditate with others who are praying and they simply assume I am also praying. I know that my meditation is in full alignment with their heart-felt devotion to prayer. I honor who they are and allow them their own spiritual journey. It seems the kindly thing to do. Of course, I’ve always been on the lookout for spiritual co-conspirators, so I find them everywhere I go!

Are you as fearless as your characters?

I wish! I do seek to practice fearlessness whenever I am aware it has crept into my psyche. It’s very sneaky, so I occasionally get lost in fear for a while until I recognize it. But with practice, I’ve learned to meet it head-on most of the time. In Chapter 16 of the Bhagavad Gita, the qualities of a spiritual person are presented, and “fearlessness” is first on the list. One of my life habits is to consistently be working with a virtue or quality that expands my being-ness. When I first tackled “fearlessness” it took me three years to feel I had made significant headway, and those years were filled with amazingly challenging and transformational circumstances. There’s a book in my head about those virtues that someday will roll out into print. My characters do face fear courageously, setting an example for me, and I hope, the reader.

Your characters meet up with fearful experiences. Is Earth becoming a more fearful place?

Not if we don’t buy into that. We don’t have to be afraid. Of anything, ever. Fear is believing in a false illusion. We always exist where we choose, including living on the planet Earth in the present day and time.

Fear mongers like to stir up negative possibilities; it’s a powerful way to control another person. Truth seekers intentionally choose to focus on the positive expansion of consciousness we are experiencing. Those who look for the benefits will find them everywhere. I consider the current global uproar as similar to spring housecleaning. We pull out all the junk that’s been shoved to the back, bringing it into the light for examination. Then we toss out what is no longer useful, continue with what we choose to keep, and now we have room for the new to come onto our planet. Countries are going through this cleansing process on a collective scale. Planet Earth is as well. It's one of the reasons certain animal and plant species are going extinct; their mass consciousness realizes the next phase of earth's reality won't be supportive of their species. I know this can be a confusing process. There are more and more enlightened souls every day who offer  guidance. Seek it out and stay tuned in to the Truth of existence instead of being a victim to the human condition.

What does “Spirituality" mean to your characters?

Definitions for "spirituality" that are provided in current dictionaries don’t work for me. To me, and my characters, “spirituality” is humanity’s word- label given to our innate desire to comprehend and express full soul potential. It’s far bigger than religion, and transcends the limitation each religion insists upon as doctrine. As humanity has burned out from organizational and ego-driven religions, we now seek a different label for our search of divine truths, and so have chosen the label “spirituality”. Now, many others are finding similar frustrations with this word. I’m not sure there is a comprehensive human word for the desire for a soul to remain connected with our cosmic being-ness. For now, “spirituality” seems the best fit. I believe once we understand quantum realities, this will adjust to newer words, until those no longer seem to fit either. It’s an infinite ride to comprehend the Big Cosmic Reality. Words don’t sufficiently describe concepts and understandings that transcend the mental field. Spirit exists far beyond the mind and this dimension.

Each of us is to find our spiritual center, and to connect with our version of the Divine, in our own personal way. You have a uniquely personal path and that is the best one for you. It is a struggle to put our ever-evolving understandings into daily practice. I know; I’ve been there myself.

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