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garden of edible weeds in city yard, ellie hadsall

Mother Nature has planted a garden of delicious greens in youryard!

Definition of a weed: “A plant that is not valued where it is growing; usually of vigorous growth.” If we value a wild plant, it is no longer a weed; instead it becomes a desired plant in Mother Nature’s garden.

If you have a yard, or access to an untreated natural field, you can:

  • Eat organic, non-GMO greens daily, for free!
  • Enjoy a full range of potent vitamins and minerals.
  • Gather plants with no need to water, weed, or tend.

I was raised on a 300 acre farm in Kansas. Dad knew the name of every wild plant and Mom often served them with meals. She added leaves of wild violets and dandelions to our salads. Young Poke Salat leaves and lambsquarter leaves were cooked and served alongside the standard meat and potatoes.

Edible Weeds in a City Yard 

33 pages describing 11 edible common weeds

31 color photos

Identification, harvesting, benefits, and quotes

Remedies and how to prepare them

17 delicious recipes!

Sow thistle and London Rocket, edible weeds in city yard, ellie hadsall
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Wild greens muffins, dandelions, edible weeds, ellie hadsall in city yard, ellie hadsall

Edible weeds alongside our organic garden walkway include Sunflowers, Purslane, Sow Thistle, Amaranth, Clover, and Dandelions.

Adult Sow Thistle and London Rocket

(also known as "Wild Arugula")

thrive under our apple tree.

Dandelion Greens Muffins,

one of 17 delicious recipes!

Kids love these!

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Now in Paperback!

edible weeds book, ellie hadsall
edible weeds book, ellie hadsall

Edible Weeds in a City Yard

Don't Weed Your Yard; Munch Your Way Through It

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