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Vedic fire ceremony multiple fires ellie hadsall

Agnihotra: Havan on Earth Product Details
Paperback: 85 pages
Product Dimension: 8.5x11
Publisher: Ellie Hadsall
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1511962940
ISBN-10: 1511962941
BISAC:  Self-Help/Spiritual     
Author Description: A practical self-help guidebook for performing agnihotra fire ceremony. Includes  clear instructions, photos, resources, experiences of practitioners, and benefits.
Key Words: Agnihotra, yagnya, yajnya, Vedic fire ceremony, homa,

Vedic fire ceremony multiple fires ellie hadsall
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Agnihotra handbook, ellie hadsall, Vedic, homa, yagnya
Agnihotra handbook, ellie hadsall, back cover, yagnya, homa, Vedic

AGNIHOTRA: Havan on Earth

A Simple and Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Agnihotra, a Vedic Fire Ceremony for Personal and Planetary Transformation

Can one person help heal the planet? Absolutely!

The simple healing fire ceremony known as Agnihotra provides an authentic solution for our distressed planet. A fundamental fire ceremony of the ancient Vedic science known as Yagnya, it is conducted in a small copper pyramid. Infused with vibrational frequencies of short, specific Sanskrit chants, it creates an extended energy field of harmony. Within that space, negativity dissolves, allowing life forms to return to a natural state of wholeness. Scientific evidence indicates that with regular and sustained practice, toxins are neutralized, dis-ease is diffused, distress is dissolved… and a sense of well-being is established.

From the Author:

"AGNIHOTRA: Havan on Earth is filled with practical information to guide the beginner, and to support seasoned practitioners. Chapters include: What is Agnihotra?, How to Practice the Ceremony, Explanation of Ceremony Components, Frequently Asked Questions, Personal Agnihotra Experiences, Healing Ash Remedies, Ghee Preparation, Dung Preparation, Build a Simple Outdoor Fireplace, Resources, How to Teach Agnihotra Tire Ceremony, Simple Meditation Guidelines, My Personal Journey to Healing Fire Ceremony, The Next Step, and an Observation Journal.

The book includes photos and is presented with encouragement, humor, and clarity. FAQs include over sixty questions I have received as I taught and mentored practitioners.

This is the book I wanted when learning agnihotra. During meditation, I was guided to write it so that anyone sincerely desiring to heal the planet could learn this simple and profound scientific practice.

From Readers:

"Ellie, thank you for writing your book,  "Agnihotra, Havan on Earth!"  It is so informative and inspiring! I am grateful to know about Agnihotra and its many benefits and grateful to know you." - S.R.

"Hey Ellie, your book is amazing and awesome! Thank you for coordinating with my husband to get it for me as a present. I immediately sat down with it in front of the fire for one and a half hours to read it through. I can’t wait to spend more time to read it even more deeply!" - J.C.

"I chuckled with your personal comments and stories, and your encouragement helps me believe I can actually do this. Thanks for the clear instructions. I recently received my copper pyramid and have the book at my side as I learn. This morning two birds sat on a wire and sang along with me!" - T.S.

"I love it! I ordered it and before I read it, my husband did. He thought it was great and a fun read. He especially liked the stories of how it worked in your life. Now I get my turn. The instructions are easy to follow. I learned facts about agnihotra that I had never heard and I understand it a lot better. He’s going to build an outdoor fireplace for me and I’ll get started
!"    - M.G.